Our Mission


To provide innovative approaches to address the growing cases of child and drug abuse in the society.

Education: Education plays a central role in building people’s lives as such, we arm people with adequate and accurate information our focus is on Children, young adults, parents and the general public through massive sensitization. We believe when you are informed, you are empowered.

Health: To provide medical guidelines and medical evaluation to victims of child sexual molestation to help them overcome the challenges. Our aim is to raise physically, mentally and socially healthy children in a safe society.

Counseling: BSiN offers online and interface counseling services to victims of abuse, their parents and predators that are willing to be rehabilitated. We are determined to help you overcome societal stigma and move on with your life and possibly help others.

Publication: BSiN will publicize cases of child and drug abuse according to available statistics at the time of publication.  We don’t wait for you to seek information, we take it to your doorstep, we take sensitization to the streets, worship centres, schools, marketplaces, play parks and of course our unbiased and un-judgmental social media platforms where you can share your experience with others so they can learn from your experience and take adequate measure to prevent a reoccurrence.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation: BSiN will undertake child protective services ranging from intervention to medical and legal guidelines on reported cases of all forms child abuse.

BSiN will evaluate the validity of complaints, risk assessment of families, report offenders to relevant authorities for appropriate action, develop and implement appropriate relief to victims within available resources.



We are a team of professionals, highly equipped with technical expertise and a dazzling intelligence to help you let go of the burden in your heart and propel you towards safe grounds. We operate within the legal framework and ensure human rights are preserved regardless.

One voice can make a difference a million can change the world.

BSiN believes a safe environment for our children is possible if each of us synergizes and remains resolute in fighting this menace that has become a norm in society.

We are not for profit-making, non-political, non-governmental organization established to deter all forms of child and drug abuse in the society.


With enthusiastic team members and volunteers, we are ready to support you irrespective of time.

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