The civil community of Jibowu Junior High School, Jibowu went tranquil today, the 19th day of July, 2019 as BSiN presented a sensitization program on “Arming Children Against Child Molestation” to school children.
Child molestation is a form of child abuse involving taking advantage of individuals younger than the age of consent by an adult or older individuals for sexual gratification. It is a criminal offence, punishable by law.
In our recent campaign and outreaches, we have discovered that, parents in most cases, offer undue hindrances to breaking the secrecy of child abuse. There are cases where 8, 11 year old child(ren) get molested(raped) by neighbors. Instead of instituting a legal action against the perpetrator(s), the matter die(s) in silence in a gambit to save the family from shame and stigmatization on the part of the child(ren). This also contributes to empowering intending abusers and perpetrators of this crime.
It should be noted however that, silence protects the abuser, not the victim. Silence kills! Many have died, due to silence. Many are suffering intensely in relationships due to silence. Many are experiencing marital difficulties today because they failed to open up when they were being abused by step fathers, uncles, cousins, aunts, etc Some survivors of child sexual abuse had their genitals got damaged in the process, and are experiencing difficulty in procreation today.
At Break The Silence Initiative Nigeria, we believe in a safe environment where children can have the confidence to go all the way unhindered by bruises and scars got through abuse of any form. We are devoted to child’s rights protection and welfare. We provide innovative approaches to address the growing cases of child abuse and drug abuse in the society.
We wish to thank the sponsor of today’s outreach. May God Almighty reward you abundantly. For Donations and sponsorship, visit our website at . Together we can create a safer world for children, the future of every nation!


The community of Jibowu Junior High School

  • 19 July, 2019
  • 12:00 am 02:00 pm


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